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Shlop Pro
Price: $10.00

Designer: Ray Larabie

Format: OpenType; TrueType

358 glyphs!
(192 in original)

83 class kernpairs
= 2027 kerning pairs
(none in original)

The 13th font reworked for a multilingual character set for this site of course had to be in the horror genre ;) The original font was all caps, but I have mirrored the symmetrical characters for the lowercase - allowing for a more varied look.
Ray Larabie says: «A dripping, bloody “horror” type font, based on Alternate Gothic letterforms. All caps»


Shlop Pro NEW Promo Picture
Shlop Pro NEW Promo PictureShlop Pro NEW Promo Picture
Shlop Original Promo Picture
Shlop Original Promo PictureShlop Original Promo Picture