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Rina Pro
Price: $10.00

Designer: Ray Larabie

Format: OpenType; TrueType

361 glyphs!
(260 in original)

508 class kernpairs
= 15612 kerning pairs
(725 in original)

A peculiar, but nice looking Didone interpretation :). I have removed the tail from the C and G (as they could be mistaken for diacritics in foreign texts) - but they are still available as OpenType Stylistic Alternates ;). I then adjusted the existing diacritic letters to correct their design, and added lots of new ones.
Ray Larabie says: «A fun font extrapolated from a "Bodoni" O and I».


Rina Pro NEW Promo Picture
Rina Pro NEW Promo PictureRina Pro NEW Promo Picture
Rina Original Promo Picture
Rina Original Promo PictureRina Original Promo Picture