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Wooden Nickel NF Pro
Price: $10.00

Designer: Nick Curtis

Format: TrueType; OpenType

373 glyphs!
(220 in original)

710 class kernpairs
= 23083 kerning pairs
(2127/3322 in original)

A nice, black display face - for a retro/western poster look. I have kept the quirky "t", increased the dot above "i" and "j" slightly, improved the spacing/kerning and modified/added all the usual diacritics. A pretty easy reworking of a good quality font. :)
Nick Curtis says: "An old favorite, Bernhard Antique Bold Condensed, cleaned up and fattened up. Warm, charming, personable … suitable for any occasion."


Wooden Nickel NF Pro NEW Promo Picture
Wooden Nickel NF Pro NEW Promo PictureWooden Nickel NF Pro NEW Promo Picture