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Monterey Popsicle NF Pro
Price: $10.00

Designer: Nick Curtis

Format: TrueType; OpenType

373 glyphs!
(213 in original)

79 class kernpairs
= 1454 kerning pairs
(213/339 in original)

A faux script font typical of classic american branding. I have totally reworked all the letterforms: they started with a "notch" and ended flat - I have removed the "notch" and rounded off the ending stroke, so now you can actually start words with the lowercase letters. ;)
I have also improved the spacing (especially after the capitals), and of course added all the "foreign" glyphs. A classic is reborn! :)
Nick Curtis says: "Just another “somewhere from the thirties to the fifties” kinda script, named kinda after a sixties rock festival."


Monterey Popsicle NF Pro NEW Promo Picture
Monterey Popsicle NF Pro NEW Promo PictureMonterey Popsicle NF Pro NEW Promo Picture