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Kingthings Willowless Pro
Price: $10.00

Designer: Kevin King

Format: TrueType; OpenType

369 glyphs!
(100 in original)

163 class kernpairs
= 3380 kerning pairs
(3 in original)

This font just oozes christmas and holiday spirit from every curve of every letter! :)
I have cleaned up all the outlines, redesigned the F (which looked more like a J), tweaked some more letters and then expanded the font with the usual multilingual glyphs. I loved this font when I first saw it, but was very nervous that it would be difficult to design the accents - but it was a breeze! It has been one of the most enjoyable fonts to rework so far. Hope you will enjoy it, too.


Kingthings Willowless Pro NEW Promo Picture
Kingthings Willowless Pro NEW Promo PictureKingthings Willowless Pro NEW Promo Picture