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Ethnocentric Pro
Price: $10.00

Designer: Ray Larabie

Format: OpenType; TrueType

352 glyphs!
(177 in original)

264 class kernpairs
= 17824 kerning pairs
(483 in original)

Another clean and stylistic font from Ray Larabie with just an uppercase alphabet - all the letters are duplicated in the lowercase positions. I have cleaned up the outlines, extended the T and 7 a bit, corrected the AE and OE ligatures, and redesigned the diacritics before expanding the character set.
Ray Larabie says: "Wide, Sans-serif display type. Inspired by hand lettering on a small-town hair salon."


Ethnocentric Pro NEW Promo Picture
Ethnocentric Pro NEW Promo PictureEthnocentric Pro NEW Promo Picture
Ethnocentric Original Promo Picture
Ethnocentric Original Promo PictureEthnocentric Original Promo Picture