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Vectroid Pro
Price: $10.00

Designer: Ray Larabie

Format: OpenType; TrueType

364 glyphs!
(265 in original)

219 class kernpairs
= 6491 kerning pairs
(123 in original)

A typical space-age hippie funny font. :) I have fattened up the diagonal letters (VvWwXxYy), cleaned up and tweaked a few other glyphs, and expanded the already quite large character set (correcting a couple of bad ones in the process). Font is now ready for international psychedelica. ;)
Ray Larabie says: "The idea of 1960’s magnetic ink fonts taken to silly new heights."


Vectroid Pro NEW Promo Picture
Vectroid Pro NEW Promo PictureVectroid Pro NEW Promo Picture
Vectroid Original Promo Picture
Vectroid Original Promo PictureVectroid Original Promo Picture