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Dynamic BRK Pro
Price: $10.00

Designer: Brian Kent

Format: OpenType; TrueType

372 glyphs!
(97 in original)

80 class kernpairs
= 4256 kerning pairs
(1810 in original)

OpenType features:
Contextual letterforms
(see "images" below)

Dynamic by name, and dynamic by nature - this sleek font is perfect for logos and hightech quotes ;)
The original lowercase f had a big overhang - I redesigned it so it fits better with accented letters, but also kept the original shape as a contextual alternate: the font automatically uses the "large" f before any low letters... Also the lowercase j would crash into any preceding letters with a righthand descender - so I also designed an automatic alternate j. Result: no colliding letters! :)


Dynamic BRK Pro NEW Promo Picture
Dynamic BRK Pro NEW Promo PictureDynamic BRK Pro NEW Promo Picture
Dynamic BRK Pro plain
Dynamic BRK Pro plainDynamic BRK Pro plain
Dynamic BRK Pro Contextual Alternates
Dynamic BRK Pro Contextual AlternatesDynamic BRK Pro Contextual Alternates