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Copasetic NF Pro
Price: $10.00

Designer: Nick Curtis

Format: TrueType; OpenType

373 glyphs!
(212 in original)

883 class kernpairs
= 20705 kerning pairs
(1298 in original)

Another typical Art Deco font from Nick Curtis. Uppercase only, but with alternate letterforms in the lowercase positions.
I have completely redesigned all the diacritics (which were way too flimsy for this robust design ;) before expanding the character set in the usual fashion.
Nick Curtis says: "Back in the Olden Days of Graphic Design B.C. (before computers), type freaks used to wait in anxious anticipation for each new release of the Letraset catalog. The inspiration for this font, Premiere Lightline, was one such release, and probably help spur my interest in Deco designs. The original font was VERY light indeed, suitable only for use in large sizes. My version is beefier, and includes an entire lower case of alternate letterforms, making this (at least) two fonts in one. The name is the 40’s hep talk equivalent of “Cool!”".


Copasetic NF Pro NEW Promo Picture
Copasetic NF Pro NEW Promo PictureCopasetic NF Pro NEW Promo Picture