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Anabolic Spheroid Pro
Price: $10.00

Designer: Levente Halmos

Format: OpenType; TrueType

368 glyphs!
(79 in original)

127 class kernpairs
= 17211 kerning pairs
(none in original)

A funny looking font with circular shapes and cutouts - both hippie and futuristic at the same time. I have completely redrawn all the glyphs, and introduced a lot of alternate and new letterforms to make a little more variety between upper- and lowercase (the original layout with all the "old" letterforms can easily be accessed by using the OpenType menus "stylistic Alternates" or "Stylistic Set SS01" ;) All diacritics and accents are totally new, and made large - in the style of the original dotted i ;)


Anabolic Spheroid Pro NEW Promo Picture
Anabolic Spheroid Pro NEW Promo PictureAnabolic Spheroid Pro NEW Promo Picture