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Geometry Soft Pro Complete
Price: $99.00

Designer: Roger S. Nelsson

Format: OpenType; TrueType

19 fonts
at a special bundle price
The "Geometry Pro" family has been designed to be the final word in purely geometric fonts, and this rounded "Soft" sub-family is the ultimate web 2.0 style font collection.
Even though it is strictly geometric (as drawn with a compass and a ruler fixed to 90 and 45 degree angles) it is not slavishly modular: letters have differing widths, and the sidebearings, spacing and kerning has been finely adjusted to create smooth text.

The Soft family contains three weights each with 6 variants:
- A is the basic form and the starting point
- B has more dynamic and modern shapes
- C has open and swirly shapes
- N is a free notched variant (Bold only)
- X is the serious text version
- Y has a very horizontal look
- Z is a collection of all the remaining more funky shapes
Mix and match to your heart's desire!