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Visitor BRK Ten Pro
Price: $10.00

Designer: Brian Kent

Format: OpenType; TrueType

377 glyphs!
(215 in original)

87 class kernpairs
= 2193 kerning pairs
(none in original)

This is the first true pixel-font released by CheapProFonts. It may not be the first font based on a 5x5 pixel grid, but it probably has the best language support ;)
The glyphs have all been optimized for Flash (by making all shapes slightly overlapping) and should render sharp and perfect when set in 10px size (or multitudes of 10). As with all pixelfonts: make sure to place the text at coordinates with whole numbers, and always use left (and NEVER centered) alignment.


Visitor BRK Ten Pro Promo Picture
Visitor BRK Ten Pro Promo PictureVisitor BRK Ten Pro Promo Picture