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Edo Pro
Price: $10.00

Designer: Vic Fieger

Format: OpenType; TrueType

369 glyphs!
(152 in original)

201 class kernpairs
= 10426 kerning pairs
(none in original)

A freeflowing brush script with only uppercase letters. Now with a professional and multilingual character set!
Vic Fieger says: "The letters in Edo were hand-drawn using a thick black permanent marker with a flat head. The head was chopped up using a box cutter to create a "brush" effect. The entire font was made while watching Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.
Edo has been used by video game-makers UbiSoft in their game adaptation of the 2007 animated film Surf's Up, as well as ads for the Fuse 2006 Warped Tour. More recently, it has turned up in such places as the cover for the US release of the manga Teru Teru x Shonen, and the logo for A&E's program The Cleaner."


Edo Pro NEW Promo Picture
Edo Pro NEW Promo PictureEdo Pro NEW Promo Picture
Edo Original Promo Picture
Edo Original Promo PictureEdo Original Promo Picture