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Kingthings Lickorishe Pro
Price: $10.00

Designer: Kevin King

Format: TrueType; OpenType

383 glyphs!
(111 in original)

742 class kernpairs
= 13843 kerning pairs
(100 in original)

Kevin King says: "When I started this font it was called Pestle... It didn't run - it didn't even walk. At some point I thought, Hmm! Looks a bit like Liquorice! And now... Voila! I remember being able to buy about a yard of Liquorice rolled round a central comfit - how fab! Tuppence worth of sticky afternoon! You could also buy bundles of Liquorice root - which looked like black twigs with bright yellow wood - they left my teeth full of black twiggy bits... The past is a strange Lady - Bless her!
This was almost Kingthings Leechy... just another one of my bulbous shiny things - I have always liked letter-shapes with 'bottom', probably a 70's thing, as many a seventies thing did indeed possess it - including the fabulous Chaka Kahn... Oooh, Diva!"


Kingthings Lickorishe Pro Promo Picture
Kingthings Lickorishe Pro Promo PictureKingthings Lickorishe Pro Promo Picture