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Kingthings Conundrum Pro
Price: $10.00

Designer: Kevin King

Format: TrueType; OpenType

363 glyphs!
(62 in original)

37 class kernpairs
= 658 kerning pairs
(none in original)

This pearl by Kevin King was the best faux chinese font I've ever come over, and now it can be used for setting themed text and menus in many more languages! :)
Kevin King says: "I have said before you know - I can if I want to (Stamp! Scowl!)
Cod Chinese of the worst kind, I wanted a "Chinese" font for a project and couldn't find what I wanted. I painted this font with a Chinese brush and imported the resultant mess - it's been a while since I did any Chinese calligraphy - add that to the fact that I don't read or speak Chinese..."