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Amerika Pro
Price: $0.00

Designer: Fredrick "Apostrophe" Nader

Format: OpenType & TrueType

730 glyphs!
(500+50 in original)

786 class kernpairs
= 28756 kerning pairs
(1150 in original)

This is the 200th font released by CheapProFonts, and again I wanted to make something special - so I have chosen to upgrade another well-known font by the infamous Fredrick "Apostrophe" Nader: Amerika!
The whole character set for this stylish font has been polished for consistent baseline placement and serif thickness, and proper overshoots has been implemented. All the alternate letterforms (and some new ones) have been included as OpenType alternates AND they have now been made available with accents, too! The Greek and Cyrillic letterforms are properly encoded and kerned.
I hope many will enjoy the improvements - and naturally: it is still free! :)


Amerika Pro plain
Amerika Pro plainAmerika Pro plain
Amerika Pro Alternates
Amerika Pro AlternatesAmerika Pro Alternates
Amerika Pro Titling
Amerika Pro TitlingAmerika Pro Titling
Amerika Pro Swash+
Amerika Pro Swash+Amerika Pro Swash+