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Rogers Blog
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Finally! First part of my big project
I have finally finished the first part of my project of creating the ultimate geometric font family! Phew! :)
This first part is a rounded and soft version made with three weights, each with 6 variants = 18 fonts! I even made a free 19th version, so that you can test out the quality and language support of this large family. Enjoy! :)

MyFonts Newsletter
CheapProFonts got a very favorable mention in the latest MyFonts newsletter and the font they presented (Black Jack Pro) got a very good response - putting it straight at #2 in their bestseller list! Wow! What a delightful surprise! :)
Actually the whole newsletter "10 @ $10" was perfect for our collection, and MyFonts totally got the idea behind it. Thanks, MyFonts! I hope this kind of newsletter becomes a regular feature! ;)

The 9th yes!
Levente Halmos has just joined CheapProFonts! :)
I have tried contacting him for some time, but all email-addresses from his readmes have bounced. But now we have made an agreement, so all his wonderful fonts (both old an not-previously-released ;) are now ready to receive the CheapProFonts treatment! Thanks, Levente! :D

Quietly working...
It's been a few weeks since the last update... Not to worry - I'm just working on a large family of related fonts - it will be ready this month... Hopefully... ;)

The 8th yes!
Kimberly Geswein has made many popular handwritten fonts, and she has now allowed me to give them the CheapProFonts treatment. Looking forward to expanding the script category with her lovely font designs. Thanks, Kimberly! :D

(And I'm currently working on the font Kimberley from Ray Larabie - how about that for a coincidence ;)

The 7th yes!
This was a new and pleasant experience: I have been approaching and asking many designers, but this time it was the other way around! :D
A few days ago I got an email from Paul Lloyd, asking if I would be interested in reworking his freefonts. As I already wanted to get in touch with him (he has made a very nice collection of blackletter and old style text fonts) I of course immediately accepted.
Thanks, Paul - and welcome onboard! :)

CheapProFonts is one year old!
Wow! One year! A lot of hard work, and a lot of fun. A big "thank you" goes out to all the designers who has given me permission to rework and sell their wonderful font designs. I have done 50 fonts so far, and the selection is now getting large enough for a proper launch... May 2009 bring many more visitors to this unique site! :)

the sixth yes!
I just got an email from Ronna Penner (of Typadelic fame) and she gave me the go-ahead to rework her free fonts. Ronna mainly makes commercial script fonts, but she has a few free ones as well ;)
I'm very excited about this and immediately started work on her beautiful fonts. Thanks, Ronna! :)

Tweaked the layout
Been playing a bit with the CSS stylesheet. Hope you like the new look - I think it looks cleaner...
(And I do hope you like that this site is ad-free - I personally hate ad-cluttered sites ;)

Invoice error
Just discovered that the automatic PDF invoice generation didn't work because the logo image was in the wrong format. :( I'm pretty sure I tested this when I set up the site. Hmmm... Thankfully the automatic HTML invoice was OK. :) My apologies to those who got an error message instead of the expected PDF invoice...
I have now used my alternate square logo design and saved it in a compatible format, so both PDF and HTML invoices should now work OK. Still not too happy about the layout, though. Something to fiddle with on a late night...? ;)
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Celtic Garamond Pro by Levente Halmos
One of our bestsellers has just become even better. Celtic Garamond Pro has been polished up, and at the same time I have made to companions:

A Bold version - for more emphasis!
A Rough version - for a more antique look!

Enjoy! :)  

Rogers Blog
Wow! It has been 8 years since my last entry! Time flies! This is just a quick note to let you all know this site and its owner is still alive. There are no new fonts being reworked and released at the moment, though - I am too busy with my daytime job and other projects.  

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