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CheapProFonts Newsletter 13-01 preview Newsletter 13-01: celebrating 5 years!
Amazingly, 5 years has passed since I set up CheapProFonts and started reworking "free" fonts to offer inexpensive multilingual fonts to "foreign" designers on a tight budget. And what a journey it has been so far! In the beginning I only offered single display fonts, lately I have created more and more larger font families - but I have always kept the low prices and high quality. Big thanks to all my collaborators, and you: the supporters of our growing foundry!

In addition to a couple more single fonts and families released since the last newsletter I have also just released font number 200! And is is another cool free font! Download it now and enjoy it! :)

CheapProFonts Seasons Greetings 2012 preview Season's Greetings 2012
Thanks for supporting my tiny foundry through this year. Promise to be more productive next year! :)

Kind regards

Roger S. Nelsson

CheapProFonts Newsletter 12-01 preview Newsletter 12-01
It's been a while since the last newsletter - not that I've not been busy creating fonts, but somehow I have ended up creating more families than single fonts lately (all these can also be purchased for our usual $10 per font, of course). Check them out - one of them is even FREE! :)

CheapProFonts Seasons Greetings 2011 preview Season's Greetings 2011
Thank you all for making this another busy year for our little foundry! :)

Kind regards

Roger S. Nelsson

CheapProFonts Newsletter 11-04 preview Newsletter 11-04
In this news release I present 16 fonts:
- 3 special fonts from Kevin King
- 1 grunge font from Guillaume Séguin
- 2 display fonts from Vic Fieger
- 1 handwriting from Kimberly Geswein
- 1 Art Deco font from Levente Halmos
- and my own Familiar Pro font family

CheapProFonts Newsletter 11-03 preview Newsletter 11-03: DINfun Pro
Not a mixed font newsletter this time either, but the first batch of a fun project :)

The DINfun Pro fonts are special versions of the classic DIN 1451 Mittelschrift, far removed from the original typeface's serious and no-nonsense roots. I have made them as companions to the classic, with some some very different expressions, complete with a large multilingual character set. Time to spice up that DIN profile! :)

CheapProFonts Newsletter 11-02 preview Newsletter 11-02: Familiar Pro
Not a mixed font newsletter this time, but a presentation of a newly designed 8-face family! :)

This family was inspired by a Type Battle over at Typophile: How would you design a font metrically compatible with Helvetica, but better than Arial? The letters have been designed quite close to the german/swiss grotesk tradition, but by using super-elliptical rounds, rounded dots and slightly curved outer diagonals the end result is a friendly looking font family that still looks... familiar.

CheapProFonts Newsletter 11-01 preview Newsletter 11-01
In this news release I present 14 fonts:
- a 6-face family from Jan Paul & Brian Kent
- 2 grunge fonts from Guillaume Séguin
- 2 display fonts from Vic Fieger
- 1 handwriting from Kimberly Geswein
- 1 geometric font from Levente Halmos
- 1 handwriting font from David Kerkhoff
- and a version of DIN Mittelschrift digitized by myself
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