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Scriptina Pro by Fredrick "Apostrophe" Nader 1.
Scriptina Pro

506 glyphs!
(253 in original)

SF Movie Poster Pro by Derek Vogelpohl 2.
SF Movie Poster Pro

363 glyphs!
(201 in original)

Foobar Pro Regular by Roger S. Nelsson 3.
Foobar Pro Regular

379 glyphs!

PDF Font Catalog
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Here are some pre-defined categories of fonts - though classifying fonts is a very subjective thing :)

Futuristic font example   Futuristic
For a modern, techno, high-tech look.
Hippie   Hippie
Far out, psychedelic fonts, man...
Americana   Americana
Post-war advertising fonts.
Art Deco   Art Deco
Stylistic and constructed fonts.
Woodtype   Woodtype
Oldstyle woodtype display types.
Serifs   Serifs
Classy seriffed fonts.
Sans Serifs   Sans Serifs
Clean, no-nonsense fonts.
Constructed Script   Constructed Script
Not written by hand, but "mechanically" constructed.
Handwritten   Handwritten
More casual and loose scripts.
Calligraphic   Calligraphic
Carefully written with calligraphic tools.
Blackletter   Blackletter
Oldstyle "gothic" scripts.
Christmas font example   Christmas
Showing a homely and festive spirit.
Grunge font example   Grunge
Gritty and destroyed letters.
Faux font example   Faux
Pretending to be in a foreign language.
Novelty font example   Novelty
For those extremely special occations.
Pi font example   Pi
Picture and image fonts.

High quality multilingual fonts at a low price - for professional (non-english) designers with a small budget!
Unicode OpenType Pro and TrueType formats for Mac and Windows. Instant downloads.

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