Newsletter 12-01
CheapProFonts Newsletter 12_01 It's been a while since the last newsletter - not that I've not been busy creating fonts, but somehow I have ended up creating more families than single fonts lately (all these can also be purchased for our usual $10 per font, of course). Check them out:

- Bitsumishi Pro: expanded from one weight by Halmos Levente to a whooping 14! This stylish family has been quite popular since its release.
- Infantometric Pro: three whimsical geometric fonts by yours truly. ;)
- Kingthings Conundrum Pro: a single amazing faux chinese font by Kevin King - upgraded and updated to our usual professional and multilingual quality.
- Foobar Pro: a new trendy 8-face family, based on my previous release Familiar Pro. The Regular weight is FREE! :)

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Roger S. Nelsson

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Bitsumishi Pro Family
Bitsumishi Pro Family by Levente Halmos
Price: $50.00

14 fonts
(bundle price)

Infantometric Pro
Infantometric Pro by Roger S. Nelsson
Price: $20.00

3 fonts
(bundle price)

Kingthings Conundrum Pro
Kingthings Conundrum Pro by Kevin King
Price: $10.00

363 glyphs!
(62 in original)

Foobar Pro Family
Foobar Pro Family by Roger S. Nelsson
Price: $50.00

8 fonts
(bundle price)

Foobar Pro Regular
Foobar Pro Regular by Roger S. Nelsson
Price: $0.00

379 glyphs!


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