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Site Questions
Why can't I just use the free fonts your fonts are based on - and pay nothing?
Sure you can. They are still just as free as they ever were. :)
If you intend to just set english text (or anything requiring just A-Z) your choice is there.
If you want to use a professional OpenType version, or set a language requiring diacritic letters: the fonts offered on this site are far superior - but still very affordable :)

Why do I have to choose between two formats?
Each of the font formats have their strengths and weaknesses, and I chose to offer the two most versatile formats for foreign language texts. And I chose not to offer both formats in the same download, as that would inevitably end up with users installing both formats of the same font - and that would lead to all sorts of conflicts for them...
So check out the format information before you decide on a format (or purchase both, but don't install them both on the same machine ;)

Why is the selection of fonts so small?
It takes a lot of time to rework fonts properly. I do this on my spare time, all by myself, so it is basically a hobby project. But I have every intention to make the selection grow and grow - it is fun working with fonts, and the designers in on this project (thanks, guys!) have such a varied selection of fonts for me to pick from.
The collection will grow steadily - why not sign up for our newsletter? ;)

Why do I have to register to purchase fonts?
We like to know who licenses our fonts, and to see what countries are interested in our fonts :)
And your registration details are used for the electronic receipts - for your accounts.
You could of course register with bogus details, but then your receipt would be all wrong.
You'll also have easy access to your previous orders from your account.
And we also plan some other features for registered customers...
No worries - we will not use your details for anything, and we will NEVER give them away to anyone else.

High quality multilingual fonts at a low price - for professional (non-english) designers with a small budget!
Unicode OpenType Pro and TrueType formats for Mac and Windows. Instant downloads.

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