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Kingthings Conundrum Pro by Kevin King Font #182: Kingthings Conundrum Pro
This pearl by Kevin King was the best faux chinese font I've ever come over, and now it can be used for setting themed text and menus in many more languages! :)
Kevin King says: "I have said before you know - I can if I want to (Stamp! Scowl!)
Cod Chinese of the worst kind, I wanted a "Chinese" font for a project and couldn't find what I wanted. I painted this font with a Chinese brush and imported the resultant mess - it's been a while since I did any Chinese calligraphy - add that to the fact that I don't read or speak Chinese..."

Infantometric Pro by Roger S. Nelsson Font #179-181: Infantometric Pro
The unicase height, condensed forms and playful mix of geometric construction and childish letterforms gives these fonts a naïve and charming expression. Part infantile, part geometric - it’s Infantometric!

Bitsumishi Pro Family by Levente Halmos Font #166-178: Bitsumishi Pro Family
A squarish uppercase font perfect for logos and short eye-catching headings. The lowercase contains some alternate letterforms - more specifically: uppercase have closed forms (I made a new A D and R), and lowercase have some open alternatives (new B E F P and T in addition to the A D and R). I noticed the two width version of the H and made similar normal and wide versions of J and L. Then I added lots of missing glyphs and all the diacritic letters, of course - and now the family has been expanded to 7 weights AND corresponding Italics!

Xenophone Pro by Vic Fieger Font #165: Xenophone Pro
The letters in Xenophone were created from hand-drawn figures in which coins were traced around to create curves and circles. Some capital letters resembles symbols from the greek and International Phonetic Alphabet.

Kingthings Lickorishe Pro by Kevin King Font #164: Kingthings Lickorishe Pro
Kevin King says: "When I started this font it was called Pestle... It didn't run - it didn't even walk. At some point I thought, Hmm! Looks a bit like Liquorice! And now... Voila! I remember being able to buy about a yard of Liquorice rolled round a central comfit - how fab! Tuppence worth of sticky afternoon! You could also buy bundles of Liquorice root - which looked like black twigs with bright yellow wood - they left my teeth full of black twiggy bits... The past is a strange Lady - Bless her!
This was almost Kingthings Leechy... just another one of my bulbous shiny things - I have always liked letter-shapes with 'bottom', probably a 70's thing, as many a seventies thing did indeed possess it - including the fabulous Chaka Kahn... Oooh, Diva!"

DINfun Pro Drips by Roger S. Nelsson Font #163: DINfun Pro Drips
What is that running off the classic DIN 1451 Mittelschrift letterforms? Red blood? Green goo? Icicles? Oil? Ewwww... :)

More DIN variants to come... :)

DINfun Pro Pointy by Roger S. Nelsson Font #162: DINfun Pro Pointy
All sharp corners of this variant of DIN 1451 Mittelschrift have been pinched - making them even sharper! These thorny letters can really make a point! ;)

More DIN variants to come... :)

DINfun Pro Blade by Roger S. Nelsson Font #161: DINfun Pro Blade
Take a long, sharp look at the added appendages of this variant of DIN 1451 Mittelschrift - they will surely help drive your Halloween message in. :)

More DIN variants to come... :)

DINfun Pro Noggin by Roger S. Nelsson Font #160: DINfun Pro Noggin
In this variant of the classic DIN 1451 Mittelschrift all the counters have been replaced with stylized skull images. A simple but effectful transformation - perfect for Halloween and Día de los Muertos :)

More DIN variants to come... :)

DINfun Pro Distressed by Roger S. Nelsson Font #159: DINfun Pro Distressed
Another grunge treatment to my variant of the classic DIN 1451 Mittelschrift. Rough. Worn. Weary. Gritty. Deteriorated. Uneven. Scraped. Eroded. Very detailed. And perfect for that tough look ;)

More DIN variants to come... :)

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New Releases
Celtic Garamond Pro by Levente Halmos
One of our bestsellers has just become even better. Celtic Garamond Pro has been polished up, and at the same time I have made to companions:

A Bold version - for more emphasis!
A Rough version - for a more antique look!

Enjoy! :)  

Rogers Blog
Wow! It has been 8 years since my last entry! Time flies! This is just a quick note to let you all know this site and its owner is still alive. There are no new fonts being reworked and released at the moment, though - I am too busy with my daytime job and other projects.  

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